Four Things

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Drew B has linked to me in a blogtastic game of tick called four things. In this people who have been linked to name a number of different items in groups of four and then link to four other blogs that they know of that could continue this one.In typical Wired reader style, this concept of an idea that can be communicated is called a meme (and memes are often written about in digerati circles).

Classic memes that non-geeks would have heard of include the Frankie Says series of t-shirts and No, but Yeah, but No dialogue from Little Britain.

Why four?

Three or six are the perfect numbers according to a discussion between Lee van Cleef and Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Wikipedia couldn’t shed any light on it either.

Four jobs I’ve had

PR operative – at present
– heading up a shift team on the bitumen plant in the UK’s second smallest oil refinery
– up north, before the young people started getting back into guitars, freebase cocaine and heroin
On the line
– in a meat packing plant


Four movies I can watch over and over


All the Presidents Men

The Dollars Trilogy (particularly For a Few Dollars More)

The Usual Suspects



Four TV shows I love to watch


I don’t have a television but I do have a soft spot for vintage shows, here’s four that came to mind:


Four places I’ve visited on holiday

  • Dublin
  • Leiden
  • Ibiza
  • Paris



Four favourite dishes


  • As my mate Griff would say ‘a big bowl of fuck-off’ (a ramen noodle dish from Wagamamas)
  • A decent Irish fried breakfrast with proper black and white pudding and a side serving of soda bread
  • Rhubarb crumble
  • A well done tuna steak


Four places I’ve lived


  • Liverpool
  • Galway
  • London
  • Huddersfield


Four sites I visit daily


It would actually be a hell of a lot more than this but:,, and


Four places I’d rather be


Liverpool, with my mates, record shopping, sat in front of a range enjoying a turf fire


Four people I’m tagging

Ian Wood, Rainier PR, Tom Coates and Simon Willison