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Sausage casing girls

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Sausage casing girls – A phrase that is insensitive yet garishly visual phrase used to describe young women and girls who are overweight and wear clothes that are far too small for them. The clothes emphasise giant love handles and letting it all hang out in an ‘unsightly’ manner. You may have heard the phrase ‘muffin tops’ used as well for the overhang of fat between a cropped top and the trouser waistline. 

Both phrases are uncharitable in nature. However they are at the centre of a number of debates:

There is one great line from Letting it all hang out (July 5, 2006) by Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times: “Fat or skinny, it doesn’t matter,” she said. “The guys in there will look at you if you’re wearing a little skirt and hoochie tank top.”

I think this quote is interesting because it says a lot about prevailing beauty standards, where perceived sexual availability trumps the beauty conventions that the media and society dictate. We’ve known this for decades, film star Mae West was far from being a conventional beauty. Its also interesting that Unilever brand Dove has explored this territory for a number of years now.

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