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JWT makes a move into wearable tech | Marketing Interactive – ethical minefield – marketers with access to biometric data. To envision what that ethical minefield might be like, think about if health insurers based exclusions on biometric data. Say fitness and exercise data or a DNA test that was screened for genetic related risks? More on ethics here.

Yahoo just admitted it badly overpaid for Tumblr – Quartz – Tumblr needed an incentive to sell to Yahoo!

Twitter API data show the number of tweets is in serious decline – Business Insider – as others have pointed out to me where the Twitter media relations team and why aren’t they responding

At Berkeley, a New Digital Privacy Protest – The New York Times – interesting given Berkeley’s historic place in rights activism (paywall)

Gmail now has more than 1 billion active users | VentureBeat – which puts WhatsApp in perspective

Former Top Executive of Chinese Online Video Giant Youku Tudou Detained on Corruption Charges – Hollywood Reporter

Microsoft Plumbs Ocean’s Depths to Test Underwater Data Center

Lists are the new search — Benedict Evans – the irony of all this for me is especially striking, it is essentially a justification of Yahoo!’s knowledge search approach from a decade ago