2012 Chinese social web eco-system

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In many ways the 2012 Chinese social web is richer than our own with a fiercely competitive marketplace and rapid innovation taking place amongst more evenly matched players. Social networks are stratified more along demographic lines which are in flux as developments occur. The brightest star at the moment is Sina’s Weibo service, but its not the only one.

Weibo has taken off in China in a similar way to Facebook, and has led Twitter in terms of rolling out innovations.

A second aspect of the 2012 Chinese social web is that these platforms offer segmentation. They vary in terms of the age groups that group on different platforms. Kids up to college age on one platform. Adults on another. Lower tier (less economically developed) cities inhabitants use different social platforms to those in higher tier cities.

Finally, there is a classic aspect of Chinese business. Once an idea has proven to be successful, lots of competitors will spring up. That is why in places like the UK you will end up with a number of Chinese restaurants open next to each other.

This happens in the online sphere also. The 2012 Chinese social web represents this business cluster. The next stage will be for intense business competition to thin their ranks out over the next few years. Iceberg
This infographic came from Sinatechblog.com.cn