Boycott Kakao Talk & more things

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South Koreans boycott Kakao Talk social media service after president’s rumour complaints – alleged movement towards Telegram due to its reputation for security. Kakao is too useful software for everyday life in Korea for a complete boycott. Boycott Kakao Talk is unlikely to get traction, despite Korean consumers reputation for serious boycotts of consumer brands that haven’t performed. More related content here.

Building an RSS feed with ScraperWiki and Yahoo! Pipes | Magic Bean Lab – Mat pulled together an RSS feed from Facebook’s new research portal, more about it in this link.

Hackers’ Attack Cracked 10 Financial Firms in Major Assault – – major US banks exposed. It won’t be long before it

New Mac Botnet Leverages Reddit | Dark Reading – interesting control mechanism

How Did the FBI Find the Silk Road Servers, Anyway? | Motherboard – interesting allegations in the article. Which begs the question, can the FBI be tried for perjury, if the article is true?

Communities Dominate Brands: Survey of Global Market Today for Mobile Wallets and Mobile Money – In aftermath of Apple Pay launch – some interesting examples of mobile wallets and mobile money.

Editing images of ‘hell’, in close-up – Correspondent – really interesting piece on media content covering Middle East in terms of the editorial process that is used

Facebook & Skype Revealed as Most Popular Smartphone Messaging Apps | Park Associates – US-only data. One of the reasons that Facebook bought WhatsApp was to gain out of US relevance in mobile messaging apps. Skype’s VoIP capabilities has been disruptive  in mobile voice services businesses. T-Mobile’s European business tried to block it; Three embraced it.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read – do this now. An effort to empower consumers by letting them know what they are actually signing up to. Your average consumer would be surprised with what is being done. This is what gives Apple its space to focus on privacy orientated services