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Hidden information design

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I’ve stared at UK mainline railway station departure boards at many times over the years, yet there is hidden information design that I just caught on to. I am usually fixated on the platform number and whether it will leave on time. So it was only this week that I picked up on the hidden information design of this little train ideogram as a footnote at the bottom of each destination on London Euston station’s display. I have been staring at this screen on and off for two decades as I travelled to see families or clients.

Once you realise that the ideogram is there, it’s a revelation as it gives you a lot of pertinent information at a glance.  Just look at the picture I took of it below


Ideogram as hidden information design on train departure board.

The diagram flips, this was the dominant image.  It shows:

It would be interesting to see if this data was available in API form for apps or web service usage and what could be done with it. More related content here