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I’ve spent a bit of time this week contributing to the next edition of Planning Dirty’s Brand Actions Library. This is a collection of inspirational case studies by vertical market for planners and strategists at marketing agencies. I’ll let you know when the brand actions library is available in the meantime you could do worse than going and subscribing to the Planning Dirty newsletter.  I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Finally, let’s down to business and cover the things that have made my day this week:

Nick DeWolf was the co-founder of Teradyne; a provider of automatic test equipment for technology companies. He served as its CEO until 1971, when he travelled and continued his lifelong passion for photography. His son-in-law has built up an archive of his photography on Flickr. He’s got some amazing shots of Hong Kong in the early 1970s. There is enough distance between the time he was there and the 1967 riots to show the city on the rise. You can see the genesis of the modern Hong Kong, but also it still has touches of tradition including the floating villages in the typhoon shelters. Check them out.

Interesting documentary on global capitalism by Deutsche Welle. It is interesting to see the way the editorial team framed the story. Germany has seen its news media break big stories on financial capitialism based stories. Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung has been a key driver in this.

House music producer Kerri Chandler has given away 2GB of never digitised before tracks via WeTransfer, get them before they’re gone. You have less than five days to download them.

Elsewhere electro legend Egyptian Lover picks his favourite Roland TR-808 songs

Lastly Star Alliance highlight their connection service. It’s hard to get differentiation between OneWorld, SkyTeam etc. So I thought that this ad did a really nice job of it


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