To lose a child & things from last week

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Amazing Singaporean content on what its like to lose a child. The pain and anguish of the parents talking about what its like to lose a child comes through. Time doesn’t seem to be the healer when it comes to The questions were a very powerful device to get across this story.

Hong Kong bakery’s ‘anti-extradition bill’ mooncakes and cookies leave customers hungry for more | South China Morning Post – given that grandparents often hold more pro-establishment views than their children and grand children I can imagine that this likely to make for very tense mid-Autumn festival celebrations

Nor “Pheonix” Diana is the first hijab wearing Malay women’s wrestler. Japan’s heritage in wrestling has encouraged interest in the sport throughout Asia. The exception to the rule would be China, where despite the efforts of WWE and domestic entrepreneurs, they haven’t managed to make wrestling work in the marketplace. The other protagonist in this video Zeda Zhang (real name Julie Ho) is an MMA artist and pro-wrestler. She was taken on by WWE when they were looking to crack the China market and let go when those plans fell apart for various reasons.

Yunying Huang challenges the Eurocentric perception of techno-culture in China | It’s Nice That – think Chinese meme culture and cyberpunk dropped in a Blendmatic 5000. China has its own fascinating takes on sci-fi so Yunying Huang’s work makes complete sense. With the exception of Cixin Liu, little has been done to bring Chinese science fiction to a wider audience, in the same way that happened with Japanese cyber punk in the 1980s.

Amazing video from SamBakZa – Korean ska. You can see There She Is here. Besides the carefully manufactured K-pop acts Korea also has a thriving music scene from dance music to indie-rock. But SamBakZa is the first ska artist that I know out of Korea. Its understandable given the cross pollination that happens between Japanese and Korean music trends.