5G tipping point + more things

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Telecoms industry looks to Apple for 5G ‘tipping point’ | Financial Timeseven with the launch of Apple’s 5G-enabled iPhone — there is as yet no “killer app” that will immediately transform the way consumers use their smartphones; creating a 5G tipping point. – I don’t think its about consumers, I think it makes sense in the enterprise. The lack of killer applications in the consumer space reminds me a lot of 3G. And I don’t believe that Apple is the harbinger of a 5G tipping point

Why a new generation of challenger brands need to rethink how to challenge | A Little West of CentreBlands. That’s what Ben Schott, writing for Bloomberg, coined them. And what a coining it is. The new generation of humble, conscious, in-it-to-sell, underdog companies, sporting D2C models, consumer champion narratives, minimalist aesthetics, affordable luxury positionings and post-choice selling techniques (this is THE mattress, that is THE toothbrush).

Indonesia’s central bank hints burglary in e-wallet playerconsumers should look at the track record of providers before using them to save large amounts of money. Indonesia’s total e-wallet transaction value size is expected to reach US$15 billion by 2020, according to a recent report by The Asian Banker

Problem Solved #13: A lesson in tackling bloody taboos from Bodyform | The Drumthe result was to present the viewer with flame-engulfed apartment of a perimenopausal women; a monster ripping at an endometriosis sufferer’s uterus; a ‘flood gate’ moment following an unexpected sneeze; a woman who has chosen not to have children; and the often-turbulent journey of trying to conceive

Diane von Furstenberg: Interview | Vanity FairThe iconic wrap dress, designed in 1974 and sold more than 15 million times since, made von Furstenberg an overnight sensation and began a dialogue with women that she has maintained ever since, in a large part through admirable philanthropic efforts, including the annual DVF awards. Now she’s taking that dialogue to the podcast, a medium she champions for its value in shifting the focus away from appearance.

Shenzhen — Justin McGuirk – pretty much nails how I found Shenzhen over the decade that I visited regularly. More on Shenzhen here.

Anonymous site ramps up ‘doxxing’ campaign against Hong Kong activists | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP – guessing this is another reason why China and Russia have cooperated on cyberwarfare

Japan’s Sekisui struck by espionage using social media – Nikkei Asia – LinkedIn implicated yet again

iPhone 12 launching without earbuds or wall chargers is compared to eating without chopsticks in China | South China Morning Post – I was expecting this reaction as Chinese consumers are value orientated so the green explanation won’t wash

Shenzhen/Huawei: the other Bay Area | Financial TimesThe impression of military manoeuvres by alternative means was reinforced by Tencent, another Shenzhen resident. It was among big Chinese social and video platforms including iQiyi and Weibo, that simultaneously cancelled the livecast of Apple’s iPhone 12 launch