A message from the future & things from last week

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Jolibee – a message from the future

Filipino fast food restaurant Jolibee have created a series of films that tap into the zeitgeist. A message from the future captures Filipinos dreams for a post-COVID future, leaving hard times behind them. A message to the future is well worth watching, despite its efforts to pull at the heart strings

The Jolibee contrasts sharply with the Burger King UK creative below, which just promises business as usual. More Jolibee content here.

Burger King

Burger King reasserts their brand proposition to UK consumers who are hopefully venturing back into their restaurants. There is a nod to the untrustworthiness of internet content and vegan options. At the centre of it all, reminding the audience what flame broiled actually means.

It’s unlike the usual in-your-face disruption content that Burger King agency David Madrid has been doing over the COVID lockdown. The dark lighting draws your eyes into the protagonists, but also makes a Burger King restaurant feel unwelcoming. It is an interesting creative choice.

McDonalds Singapore

McDonalds Singapore has gone completely the other way and focused on cocooning, which they seem to be betting will be post-COVID behaviour. Singapore used to be all about eating out, from kopi stands and hawker food to high end eating; because real estate is expensive, the third space was your space. McDonalds think that this might have changed.

Masters At Work

Defected regularly puts up high quality mixes, but this one by Masters At Work particularly stood out. And I’ve been listening to it a number of times.


Flight Of The Navigator

I was just a few years too of the right age to be the target audience for Flight Of The Navigator. So I didn’t go to see it on release, but I appreciate the film and its one of my go to science fiction Blu-Rays alongside Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. This video goes into how early 1980s technology managed to produce realistic effects of the curved mirror surface spaceship. What’s really interesting is how many practical (analogue) effects including trick photography and modelling there are in the film.