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The great resignation

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The great resignation

The great resignation was one of the defining terms of 2021. In the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations; resignations in the US ran at a consistently high record rate.1

There is no definitive explanation of why the great resignation is happening. There may be a number of contributing factors:

The first recorded use of the great resignation was a quote from organisational psychologist Anthony Klotz in an article by Bloomberg Businessweek.6

Solving the great resignation

In terms of solving the great resignation, McKinsey is already looking at new models of working for employers to adopt, including flow to work operating models7 that seem to be a tactical way to address talent gaps.

the great resignation dynamic talent allocation
Source: McKinsey & Company

However dynamic talent allocation is more likely to break team and personal bonds; creating added flow to the great resignation in the medium term. More related content here.

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