Oakley MP3 glasses

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Ok, its the Sunday morning (late) after the Saturday night, your feet are aching, your clothes stink of cigarettes and your ear drums have been desensitised by the music power of a night club sound system. You want calming sounds at relatively low volume, which makes a pair of MP3 glasses sensible. Your best mate might be working his way through the contents of your fridge.

So what would be jazzy gear to ease those frayed edges of reality that stray into your world?

Oakley MP3 glasses: Ok so you will look a bit of a spaz, but they will protect your eyes from harsh daylight and have enough space for Adventures beyond the Underworld by The Orb, Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Unfortunately Lance Armstrong is riding in the Tour de France with YOUR pair!

Mickey Mouse ceiling projector: Ideal for when you are about to go to sleep but still feeling a bit cosmic. Only available from Toys R Us in Japan

Relax and terrible Tuesdays will be not quite so bad even if your pension fund is taking a punishment with the Ambient Devices Orb. It is designed to convey energy consumption information, but is very soothing to look at. More design related posts here.