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Oprah Time: What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly | 设计理念

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What Technology Wants is written by Kevin Kelly. If anyone deserves the term digerati its Kevin Kelly. Kelly worked on the Whole Earth Catalog, a hippy guide to useful stuff, he was involved in The WELL and was a founder of Wired magazine. So it seems appropriate that Kelly wrote this philosophical tract on technological progress. Kelly puts forth the case that technological momentum, what he calls the technium has a momentum of its own and that it is inevitable.

It is not something that can be fought or turned back but can be managed to get the best from it. It also isn’t the kind of starry-eyed futurism that the likes of George Gilder has turned out.

This then poses questions around a number of areas from economics to ecology.  I would expect this to be dinner party fodder as a kind of thinking man’s Malcolm Gladwell.