Korean customer service

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Coming from the UK, Korean customer service experience is amazing. Korea has a lower minimum wage than the UK, like China, when you pull into a filling station your fuel is pumped for you by an attendant. This means that Korean customer service often has a personal touch. However this doesn’t mean that you get table service in a coffee shop. Instead you buy your drinks and food, find a table and when your order is ready to collect a wi-fi pager usually shaped like a hockey puck starts flashing letting you know that you can collect your order. 

Here’s an example of one of these Korean customer service pucks from A Twosome Place
wifi puck - The Coffee Bean, Seoul, Korea
This relies on a certain amount of social trust as you will have already put your bag down at your table may not want to take it with you to collect your order.

This would be a major flaw here in the UK where petty thieves and pickpockets are depressingly commonplace. I would imagine that that both bags and wi-fi pagers would disappear.

Generally, Korea is much safer in the UK so this isn’t too much of an issue. It an example of how technology has mediated a semi-table service experience.
A Twosome Place wifi puck

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