Throwback gadget: Apple iPod hi-fi

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Now and again Apple makes some odd diversions in direction and focus. One of these was the Apple iPod Hi-Fi. The best way to describe it is imagine of Dieter Rams had made over one of Panasonic’s old RX DT75 with the motorised ‘cobra’ top.
iPod Hi-Fi
Hi-Fi as in high-fidelity is a bit of a misnomer, but it does a very good job on the electronica that I tend to listen to at home. As with most Apple products there were design details all over the box. It sits on a rubber pad that covers most of the box length with iPod written in the middle, despite the fact very few people will ever see it.

Many people decried its lack of features, but it was designed as an appendage to the iPod rather than a device in its own right. I use the line in on it to act as an occasional sound bar to the television which it does an adequate job of. Apple discontinued it just over a year after it was launched and now they can found occasionally on eBay.