English law + more things

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WSJ City – Post-Brexit, The City Has English Law on Its Side – “You can think of London as a Silicon Valley of international business law. The robustness of English law and its utility are not going anywhere.” – But Ireland has a similar legal common law system and would still have an EU passport for its financial system. More on Brexit here.

WSJ City – UK and Eurozone Part Ways on Confidence | WSJ – no real surprise there. Waiting for this to be attacked as ‘project fear’

In defence of Byron | FT Alphaville – interesting run down on UK immigration law

Twitter quarterly results – interesting increase in cost of revenue and corresponding reduction in R&D. Sales and marketing costs increased substantially as well

The guy trying to demolish Android with Cyanogen uses an iPhone | TheNextWeb – actual LOL. I get why he might use competitor products to understand them, but the optics on this are bad

Steam On Windows 10 Will Get ‘Progressively Worse’: Gears of War Developer – Slashdot – interesting accusations of ‘antitrust’ busting practices in gaming by the beast of Redmond

I, Cringely Is anyone at Yahoo! paying attention? Probably not. – I, Cringely – unfortunately its already game over. The money is committed to be returned to shareholders, patents will be licensed and approaches to get rid of Alibaba and Yahoo! Japan stakes. I wonder how they will juggle the rights to the Yahoo! name which now sits with the Verizon business for the Japanese JV?

Preliminary EDPS Opinion on the review of the ePrivacy Directive (2002/58/EC) | Europa.eu – interesting pro cryptography stance (pdf)

Companies Are Promoting More Than Ever, With Too Little Success | SocialBakers – interesting Facebook data points

Gigaom | What’s going on in Phoneland? — is leading to consolidation, the classic market maturation that comes right before a new era of breakthroughs and growth. But those breakthroughs won’t be in 2016