Experience Ramadan & things from this week

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Experience Ramadan

Via Matt’s Imperica newsletter, Experience Ramadan. A site that connects Muslim families and secular people to meet for meals breaking the fast of Ramadan. Experience Ramadan looks like a great way to build greater mutual awareness among communities.

Artefacts and Dementia

Boots and Ogilvy have made this film on how artefacts can spur memories in people suffering from dementia. It is amazing how things are affected by our senses. I thought it was interesting because it implies the importance of artefacts, even as we live in a digital world. We have evolved for a physical world. How would a similar type of programme be done in the future when everything from toys to culture is digital and ephemeral in nature with the cultural impact of pet rocks?

Mercedes 190

Great vintage Mercedes-Benz film on the development of the Mercedes 190. There is something really beautiful about the process shown. The Mercedes 190 was developed under the name W201. It was a car that was influenced by the OPEC oil crisis. It represented a more aerodynamic model design for Mercedes. Usually Mercedes innovations saw them debut on the S-class first, but the 190 brought in a number of innovations for suspension and handling. The biggest impact for me was the 190 E 2.3-16V. It was a classier hot saloon that competed with the BMW M3 and Ford Sierra Cosworth.

Black Klansman

The trailer for Black Klansman. Good comedy film about the Klu Klux Klan aren’t two concepts that I thought I would have in the same sentence.

Benazir Bhutto

BBC World Service – The Assassination, 10 part documentary – on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, great piece of investigative journalism. I can also recommend The Bhutto Dynasty by Owen Bennett-Jones which provides a good deal of context on the Bhutto family role in Pakistan.