Lead the internet

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America historically has been the best position to lead the Internet. It deliberately set up multilateral open bodies that set many of the technology standards. It benefited from this approach and is now home to many of the main companies whose technology underpins and makes use of the Internet.

That might be changing. A small geeky announcement on ChinaTechNews.com that caught my eye indicated that the balance is shifting. The announcement is significant. Think of it this way, how many extra phone lines could you have if you added an extra digit to the area code of a phone number? Well, imagine that jump but much, much bigger to understand the leap forward that the Chinese are making to lead the Internet with the adoption of IPv9.

This also marks a profound future social, economic and information shift to the East; especially when considering how the most brutal and naked form of capitalism since the Robber Barons of the 19th century America is reshaping China. Behind this laissez faire capitalism is a regime with a very much ulitarian and mercantilist vision of power. The futures red, the future’s China; get ready for video on demand Shaw Brothers Classics. More related content here.