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Han Han & Hublot Launch Official Microblog, Announce Limited-Edition Watch – Jing Daily – Chinese consumers used to focus on the classic Rolex and Omega watches. But consumers are becoming more adventurous is an opportunity for Hublot. The more iced out versions beloved of sportsmen and rappers would also fit in with the tu hao or ‘new rich’ less sophisticated money. Hublot tu hao customers would come from lower tier cities or mining areas. Hublot is ‘new’ watch company that was only founded in 1980 and is owned by LVMH

Consumer behaviour

Asian demography: The flight from marriage | The Economist


Natural scrolling: Why did Apple change the way we scroll? – Slate Magazine – cunning behavioural lock-in


Governments Can Create Jobs And Returns By Investing In Groundbreaking Infrastructure | Fast Company – like super-fast railways and broadband networks, classic Keynesian / New Deal economics


Riots and books: Remember when books were worthy of burning? | The Economist


Nanodiamond transistors and house-sized computers are coming | ExtremeTech


South Korea to abandon “real name” internet policy – Boing Boing


Phone hacking: Met use Official Secrets Act to demand Guardian reveals sources | The Guardian


Bye-bye Brioni women’s wear | – Brioni becomes a men-focused brand like Zegna and Dunhill

Daimler Seeks Fix for Maybach Brand – – only shifted 200 units last year (paywall)

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Chinese Luxury Market « Jing Daily – interesting results but no transparency on methodology / accuracy


The revival of vinyl: Back to black | The Economist


Chinese Tourists Behind Korea’s Anticipated “Foreigner Only” Duty Free Shops « Jing Daily


Verizon CEO: A Third Mobile Platform Will Emerge In The Next 12 Months | TechCrunch – interesting that Verizon think it could be any one of Samsung’s Bada, RIM’s QNX-based OS or Windows Phone. Doesn’t say much for the Nokia – Microsoft tag team that they haven’t FUD’ed the others out of the water yet


Koomey’s law replacing Moore’s focus on power with efficiency | ExtremeTech


Apple and Samsung’s symbiotic relationship: Slicing an Apple | The Economist