Smartphone crown in China + more

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Apple takes smartphone crown in China – CNET – the smartphone crown is based on over a quarter of urban smartphones sold; Apple’s smartphone crown profit share rather than market share approach. More related content here.

A New Wave of Chinese Smartphones Set to Emerge in 2015 – TechNode – the key thing here is likely to be relevant patents which many of these companies currently don’t have

Billionaire Fridman targets US and Europe in $16bn telecoms spree – – board will include co-founder Brent Hoberman and Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O’Brien, has been brought together to aid acquisitions in the technology sector to augment an already substantial portfolio of telecoms businesses. It will also include Osama Bedier, a former Google payments executive, former Skype executive Russ Shaw and Sir Julian Horn-Smith, one of the founding management team at Vodafone (paywall) – presumably a shedload of leverage as well since $16Bn won’t go that far

Cyber Trends: 5 Subcultures on the Internet | Highsnobiety – interesting how the internet is melding and spawning tribes

Panasonic to Release Spherical Fan/circulator – Nikkei Technology Online – gives Dyson a run for his money with this design. I love the space age feel of it

From Socks To Sex Toys: Inside America’s Subscription-Box Obsession | FastCompany – I think that there is something to be said about careful curation ridding one from the tyranny of choice and giving the approximation of the great record store clerk or the guy at the comic shop – if they are done well. But I am also reminded mostly by these services of book and record clubs of yore

How To Make A Secret Phone Call | Fast Company – interesting art project which illustrates the complexity of modern privacy

Windows RT: Mission Accomplished | Fast Company – leverage on Intel

Casio App Enables Word Searches on Recordings – WSJ – if this works as promised it is amazingly cool and the technology could revolutionise web search