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Anger and Envy in the Chaebol Republic | Foreign Policy – there will come a point when it it will undermine the iron grip that chaebol groups have on Korean society. The irony was chaebol power was based on a compact between President Park and prominent business families as a way to jump start the economy. Somewhere along the way the power dynamic changed and the chaebols got into the driving seat rather than the other way around. The chaebol families haven’t lived up to the promise of their compact with President Park – yet the Korean government still gives them a free pass (paywall)


Tumblr is getting sucked into the Yahoo mothership | Business Insider – likely to suffer similar kinds of challenges to flickr et al. More Yahoo! related content here.


LG Eyes New Approach With AKA Phones – Korea Real Time – WSJ – interesting approach to try and shake up the form factor and design as a differentiator in smartphones with its AKA phones. Anything that provides form factor like these; AKA phones is a good thing when one thinks about how it has now become a design monoculture. More gadget related content here.


VivaKi integrates anonymised Tencent data into its DMP – Campaign Asia – focus on cross screen campaigns

Baidu and Alibaba capture 70% of China online ad spending | Resonance China – which shows what a power house Baidu still is

TV for Babies, Born of a Reality | WSJ – with a subsidiary plan of targeting EDM loving millennials?

WPP’s Martin Sorrell reconsiders strength of newspapers – Media Week – newspapers starting to get some respect from Martin Sorrell


Intel in Talks to Buy Altera – WSJ – interesting move from a business perspective in terms of the expansion beyond micro processors and into FPGAs. Processors whose layout is ‘flashed’ on to them like software written into memory. They tend to be used in products that need a dedicated processor design, but aren’t made with the scale to justify one