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Marketers have a unique knack of mangling the English language to put labels on market segments, but breakfastarian isn’t one of them.
The festive pie obsession continues
Breakfastarian seems to be a self description rather than a market segment on this occasion. It’s people who like breakfast for dinner. Apparently, this is a segment of the population who appeals to McDonalds who is suffering from stagnating sales.

On the face of it McDonalds might be setting themselves up for a failure.

One of the reasons why breakfasts are only available for a certain amount of time is they are cooked on separate hotplates. Franchisees might not have the space or the inclination to redesign kitchens. If they were willing to go there, there is then the problem of double the work in back kitchen preparation and in-kitchen cooking.

There is two ways to consider extending breakfast time. You can think of it as a new product, or you can consider it as an effort attract heavier consumption. McDonalds seems to think its the latter. Research by the Ehrensberg Bass found that most consumption was driven by light brand promiscuous consumption. It reminds me of efforts that Kelloggs made to try and get people to eat cereal at night, which tried to increase consumption at a different time.

While McDonalds have some breakfast menu items on the menu in markets like Hong Kong and the US; they aren’t catering to UK breakfastarians yet. More marketing related content here.

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