Priv fails + more things

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BlackBerry sold under 50,000 Priv units, Play Store data suggests | AndroidAuthority – its probably over this number as many BlackBerry Priv devices wouldn’t be allowed to download apps from the Play Store for enterprise security reasons, but it isn’t a blockbuster either. More on wireless related subjects here.

Home Broadband 2015 | Pew Research Center – plateaued with some relying solely on mobile broadband WTF

Markets in everything, tangled and untangled – real world self selecting gamefication

Uber needs more drivers in China. A partnership with a state-owned carmaker will help – Quartz – Uber faces formidable competition in China, mainly from Didi Kuaidi; which explains why its trying to get some ‘vendor financing’ for its ‘non-employees’. It has done a similar deal with General Motors in the US

In Net-a-Porter and Yoox Merger, a Fight Behind the Scenes – New York Times – (paywall)

The Huawei Watch might be the smartwatch for me (REVIEW) – Tech in Asia – If you absolutely, positively, want a smartwatch, if you’re an Android user, and if you care about how the thing looks on your wrist, the Huawei Watch is close to the best option for you (it also works with iOS, although with limited functionality). It strikes just the right balance between usability and design, looking equally at home at a dinner party or a tech event. Unfortunately, it costs twice as much as most of its Android Wear competitors, between S$549 and S$649 (about US$399 in the States).

Women Fuel China’s Fitness Craze – WSJ – reminds me of the ‘All in with my girls’ work done by B-M when I was there

How 19 Big-Name Corporations Plan to Make Money Off the Climate Crisis | Mother Jones – silver linings in them clouds

Here’s What We Need to Do to Get VR to Take Off | Andreessen Horowitz – or why non gaming content is likely to drive VR uptake first

Can’t sign in to Google calendar on my Samsung refrigerator – Google Product Forums – a sign of things to come

Why can’t China make a good ballpoint pen? | – the metaphysics of quality with Chinese characteristics