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RIP Dmoz: The Open Directory Project is closing | SearchEngineLand – the demise of Dmoz is probably only of interest to old school web users who had used search directories before search engines became more effective and SEO people. Directories and their taxonomies were the search engines of yore. Back when I worked at Yahoo!, Dmoz had already been depreciated as a signalling factor in search engine results. Danny Sullivan gives it a good write-up

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How to change WeChat Official Account without losing followers | Walk The Chat


Failing to See, Fueling Hatred | danah boyd


How China’s ‘Mr. Bags’ Moves Luxury Handbags in Mere Minutes | Business of Fashion


Researchers uncover PowerShell Trojan that uses DNS queries to get its orders | Ars Technica – ingenious in its execution

Uber uses Greyball tool to deceive authorities: REPORT – Business Insider – just wow


WeChat’s ‘instant apps’ are falling flat | Techinasia – interesting learnings for western platforms

London housing: ‘Eight out of 10 homes in flagship London schemes sold to overseas buyers’ | London Evening Standard – could property developers get by on the domestic market though?

Spend too much time on PowerPoint and Excel? Get this FREE plugin! | David Price | Pulse | LinkedIn – LinkedIn e-commerce???

CIPR Research Paints Downbeat Picture Of UK PR Industry | Holmes Report – so basically things haven’t moved on over the past 10 years or so?

Huawei’s Campus Design Under Fire – WSJ – “When you build something, especially like a headquarters, you’re making a statement about who you are.” said Aric Chen, lead curator for design and architecture at the M+ museum in Hong Kong. “I’m not sure what this statement is saying about Huawei.” – I thought it’s aping of existing architecture in European cities quite appropriate

Bot nets | Schneier on Security – great write-up

YouTube TV – interesting experiment

Facebook now ranks your ❤️️’s above your 👍’s | The Next Web – Buzzfeed must be pissed