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qCPM is emblematic of the state of online advertising. qCPM stands for quality cost per mille. It is used interchangeably with vCPM – valuable cost per mille. The implication being that normal advertising impressions are tainted or of little value.

Librarian at the Card Files at Senior High School in New Ulm Minnesota ..., 10/1974

Tainted by advertising fraud, click bots, bad neighbourhoods and faulty data. It is estimated that What other industry would sell its seconds products as the norm?

So why do you need qCPM? Here is are some examples of the kinds of fraud it would look to catch out

These were just some of the techniques used by the largest ad frauds.

There is a constant game of hide-and-seek going on as marketers try to keep up with the criminal activity in online advertising. The criminals always remain at least one step ahead at all times.

Things are going to get worse. Privacy settings and ad blocking is creating biases in audience data and access that will only get worse with time. More related posts here.

Scott Galloway claims that Apple’s anti-privacy measures against online advertising are part of a luxury industry in privacy.

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