Toyota Hilux & more stuff

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Toyota Hilux

This is spot for the Toyota Hilux was done by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand. I was reminded of how growing up in Ireland, people would pull up in their cars, vans, trucks or tractors like this and chat in the middle of the local market town.

It touches on quirkiness, the diverse nature of use cases for the Toyota Hilux and social distancing.

Big Car did a really good history of the Toyota Hilux. It is impressive how little the Hilux has changed over the years. It’s simplicity has made the Toyota Hilux a very reliable vehicle

General Magic Personal Communicator

Film maker David Hoffman, put together a super cut of film that he’d shot for US carrier about General Magic’s Personal Communicator.

What becomes apparent is that mobile computing has got smaller, but conceptually hasn’t changed that much. Yes the literal ‘desk’ from General Magic seems a little strange. It was a software metaphor that Apple deployed on the Lisa workstation. It also feaArktronics Jane and Microsoft ‘Bob’ a year later in 1995.

You can see thinking not that far removed from it in the early skeuomorphic designs in the early versions of iOS. (The notepad app had spiral binding and ‘textured’ paper.)

General Magic’s icons are the predecessor of today’s emojis and stickers found in Messenger applications by the likes of Apple, LINE, WeChat, Kakao and Facebook.

Electronic personal assistants, later became ‘software agents’ that went out on the early web. It isn’t that far from Wildfire, Hello Google or Siri.


I am not a fan of John Major, but this speech has got a lot of good content in it, particularly on the subject of Brexit. More on his speech here.

Markku Alén

And lastly, just for the hell of it; vintage Chris Harris. In the cockpit with Markku Alén piloting a Lancia Stratos.