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Have Amoy dodged a bullet?

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For those of you who haven’t seen it Amoy, a Hong Kong-based company who sells Asian cooking product put an ‘Asianate’ yourself application on Facebook.
amoy facebook application
It seems to have sparked quite a conversation in social media so I looked into it a bit further.

I was expecting the kind of mess that appeared when the Spanish basketball team did their Asian eyes photo. And some comments on Twitter compared the Amoy application with Black & White minstrels blacking up.
amoy JPG
However at the time I write this post the backlash doesn’t seem to have arrived at least in the kind of volumes I was expecting and much of the criticism seems to be from chatter within the agency world. Is the Amoy Asianate application just too crap for anyone to care, or it is just taking a while for the consumer outrage to gather a decent head of steam?

If so how much of the outrage will be stoked by mainstream media outlets?