Right to be forgotten + more things

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Google and the Right to Be Forgotten | New Yorker – gives a Europe is from Mars, America is from Venus context to the story. The right to be forgotten is based on the idea that once online things are up there forever. The reality is much more complex than that. Secondly, search engines only crawl and index an estimated 15 percent of the web, leaving 85 percent unsearchable and likely untrafficked.

The Myth of the “Maxxinista” — Medium – I remember seeing baskets in Shenzhen for Woolworths as it then was complete with price reduced sales tags before they had even left the factory

DOCOMO, SYSTRAN and FueTrek Form Joint Venture to Develop Translation Services | NTT DOCOMO – interesting move

Twitter UK consumer behaviour infographic – data from Nielsen

The Power Paradox Facing Xi and Modi: Seize Control to Give It Away | Caixin – interesting article in Caixin

Hong Kong’s share of Chinese GDP | Marginal Revolution – interesting economic data given current circumstances

Oil overflow: As prices slump, producers grapple with a new reality – The Globe and Mail – peak demand?

#HeyASIO, forgot my Gmail login. Text me? | Sydney Morning Herald – good idea not to put your data centres in Australia

Faith in ‘one country, two systems’ plunges in latest HK survey | WantChinaTimes – there seems to be a schism in the way Hong Kong has broken with China from a consumer attitude point-of-view

Microsoft CEO Visited Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Mi Pad Windows Tablet Or Xiaomi Windows Phone?– doubtful given Xiaomi’s eco-system. Most likely knowing your enemy, looking for possible common ground and gaining insight through the eyes of others. It could be about Microsoft’s patent claims on Android or about web services for international markets – Bing as default search engine outside China for Xiaomi?

ZTE’s ‘smart voice alliance’ to take on Apple, Google and Microsoft | WantChinaTimes – will ZTE be able to extend into services? More wireless related content here.