Disaster at BBC + more

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A recipe for disaster at the BBC | Broadstuff – really good guide for people outside the UK on what is happening to the public service broadcaster. From beloved Aunty Beeb to disaster at the BBC

Nokia back in mobile phone business | TotalTelecom – interesting move via HMD. It will be interesting to see how much brand equity is left in Nokia mobile devices. It will be interesting to see how HMD will do things differently from Microsoft/Nokia. More writing on Nokia here.

This nifty device translates foreign languages in real-time | TheNextWeb – I would have to try it, I don’t believe it from what I’ve seen so far from the likes of Nuance and Google.

Kevin Smith Is Making an Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai TV Show – I so hope that this is true. I loved the kooky original film version. It had big vision, 80s fashion, but not a big budget to match – which was a big part of its charm

Why Snapchat Doesn’t Care About India — The Information – build for the markets were the advertising revenue and mobile structure make it worthwhile. Countries with low ARPU may not enrich the companies. They won’t attract much ad revenue and may even require specialist apps to take account of low bandwidth or local servers to comply with national data laws.

North Korea’s new ad men try out pitches to new consumer class | Reuters – This uniquely North Korean style of advertising may have developed out of trade fairs, Abrahamian said.

As the “donju” have earned money in the unofficial economy, the flaunting of wealth has become more commonplace, especially in Pyongyang where those with access to political capital are often the wealthiest traders.

The advertisements seem acceptable inside shops, but not outdoors, Abrahamian said. During North Korea’s recent Workers’ Party congress, ads could be seen in several Pyongyang shops. – this sounds like the door-to-door salesman that was popular in the UK when housewife was a more common occupation.