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BBC Blogs – Technology & Creativity Blog – Shifting gear with the BBC World Service – interesting opportunities for developers, this mirrors the expansion of Chinese and Russian media internationally. The BBC World Service has also had its funding disrupted in a manner that make it more political. The long term impact of this bias is likely to damage the BBC World Service as a soft power tool

Apple manufacturer Foxconn just bought iPhone accessory maker Belkin – great move for Foxconn. Foxconn now gets a number of consumer brands including Linksys and can make better Apple accessories faster based on their knowledge of Apple production – if they can maintain secrecy

What Supreme and streetwear say about fashion today — Quartzy – really nice history write up

The Oral History of Stüssy: Part 1 | Complex – great background on how the Stüssy brand was built, but with feeling compared to modern day streetwear

I, Cringely The real problem with self-driving cars – I, Cringely – a meditation about everything that’s wrong in the product process for current day Silicon Valley

Louis Vuitton’s new men’s designer Virgil Abloh is known for streetwear, not high fashion — Quartzy – A new generation of consumers is emerging with different values and desires than previous buyers of high-end goods. Instead of spending their money on fancy suits, young shoppers are dropping hundreds of dollars on items like logo tees and sock sneakers. As clothes continue to move away from formality, brands from Berluti to Balenciaga are adjusting their wares accordingly – with younger Asian consumers as the growth market of the luxury sector the two worlds are merging. Its only been four decades in the making

Fwd to CEO: THE MOST VALUABLE BUSINESS TOOL EVER INVENTED – BBH – the fact that this would have to be said to the CEO says a lot about what’s wrong in boardrooms now

Alibaba to set up Thai logistics centre, extend deepening investment in Southeast Asia | South China Morning Post – interesting how Alibaba is expanding internationally

Chinese tech firm that once vowed to disrupt Tesla and Apple faces delisting under pile of unpaid debt – the LeEco train wreck continues, at the moment it looks unsolvable unless the government gets more involved

Sensor Supplier to Self-Driving Uber Defends Tech After Fatality | Bloomberg – it is interesting how the legal ramifications of this will shake out