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SPC Justice Data Service Platform on phone fraud in China

Spike in fraud cases as criminals adopt illegal software – Chinadaily.com.cn  – A report released Monday by the SPC’s China Justice Big Data Service Platform said the number of online and telecom fraud cases concluded by Chinese courts rose more than 70 percent year-on-year in 2017. The report did not include exact figures on how many cases were heard in 2016 and 2017.”Not content with cheating people out of money with spam calls or texts, fraudsters have started using WeChat and illegal number-disguising software to deceive victims,” it said – SPC is China’s Supreme People’s Court. The SPC has documented mainland China scams. But these scams are also being run by Chinese in other countries like the Philippines and Thailand. More related content here.

Internet of Things security flaws

Bruce Schneier talks about IoT, surveillance, and cybersecurity – nice interview with Bruce Schneier focused on personal information security. And more here: Bruce Schneier talks about IoT, surveillance, and cybersecurity

For safety’s sake, we must slow innovation in internet-connected things – MIT Technology Review – Bruce Schneier points out the security issues surround the Internet of Things (IoT). Dystopian futures are here. We are already seeing bot nets built on IoT products and smart appliances. The UK has been looking at legislating against default passwords on IoT devices, which is a good start to harden the IoT

Hyundai Blue Link connected cars

Hyundai car company advert for Blue Link looks like an episode of Black Mirror. Teenagers if you are going to get your parents to buy a car for you, think carefully.  Go for a cheaper, older ‘dumb’ vehicle with no Bluetooth stereo and really shitty fuel economy. Don’t get a new car that will grass you up. it will may also dime out adult drivers as well.



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