I like: Tyler Cowen on digital economy

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Interesting session with Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen at the OECD. Cowen addresses the challenge of Huawei and big tech. Cowen is pro big business, anti-small business and pro big tech.

His discussion in terms of big technology he has an interesting position, though not something I would agree with. He is very concerned about biometric recognition (facial recognition and gait analysis).

Cowen is also very concerned about the dominance of Huawei in 5G network rollout. Whilst I understand his position, it lacks a certain amount of nuance in understanding network rollout and Huawei’s place in the networks (at least in western countries).

An interesting nugget from interviews that Cowen has done (in promotion of his books) newspaper journalists were upset about Facebook, all radio journalists are anti-Amazon.

His comments on trust are interesting. The key thrust is that online has allowed elites and their faults to be more available online.

It is well worth giving this a listen over a lunch hour (its 77 minutes long).