Coke first name campaign + more things

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Coke first name campaign hits difficulties in China | The Drum – the Coke first name campaign doesn’t work that well in the UK. So not surprised that it failed in China due to the variety of names available in Chinese. This was quite predictable and surprised that it wasn’t planned into thinking about the Coke first name campaign

Alibaba Internal Memo Bans All Third-Party Communication Software – fits in with Alibaba’s unique culture, it would be interesting to see if this can actually we done. I expect that it is an aspiration rather than the reality. Even Microsoft struggled with this kind of mandate.

Sony: Gamers don’t want to buy digital | T3 – not terribly surprised due to secondhand market for games and the collectable nature of them. The minimum marginal cost is in the interest of the publishers because it increases profit margins and enables immediate purchase. But isn’t great for consumers, there’s no taking your retro console down from the attic for gaming nostalgia if the software is no longer on a server

Grindr, Skout, Scruff, Shazam most-used apps at Cannes Lions 2013 – no confirming to stereotype at all then for creatives. Grindr is gay dating. Skout is a location-based dating app, initially for casual dating, but over time has become less focused on dating than say Tinder. A good number of Skout users are looking for something platonic like activity partners.

China’s next chapter: Tech, manufacturing, and innovation | McKinsey & Company – expect this to focus more on higher level manufacturing, emerging technology and the merging of defence and private industry capabilities as China reaches for great power status. This is something that McKinsey downplays a lot

Qualcomm finally completes $120m investment in Sharp, now its third-largest investor with 3.5% stake – The Next Web

China’s liquidity crunch, and what it means for everyone | FT Alphaville – the government will likely manage their way out of it this time as there is a sizeable domestic savings pool to tap and Wall Street investors who will hoover up bonds (paywall)

I, Cringely Snowden and the NSA reflect a millennial climate change – I, Cringely – interesting essay on how millennial values clash with authority. The same could be said of boomers during the 1960s and 1970s with contentious objectors and the people who leaked the Pentagon papers. I think a good deal of it must be contextual.

From $99 and up, audio component manufacturing is returning to the U.S. | The Audiophiliac – CNET News

As CDs Spin On in Japan, Tower Records Rocks On – Japan Real Time – WSJ

RBS M&IB – Why RMB will be a global currency by 2015