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Blocked websites + more news

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BBC News – UK government tackles wrongly-blocked websites – yes its a complete screw-up. UK government has blocked websites for a wide variety of reasons from child porn to protecting Premier League match video piracy

Consumer behaviour

Data point: Holding on to tradition in a fast-changing world | JWT Intelligence

Ideological segregation and the effects of social media on news consumption – interesting and disheartening paper on news consumption


Former China official sees key local government deleveraging | FT – which should allay some fears, but also


Diageo refocuses marketing spend : News from – moving marketing focus away from APAC and Western Europe to focus on premium in North America and general products in Africa

Hong Kong

New approach to the new year – Monocle Monocolumn / 2014 – good summary of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong


Prada Opens Two Stores in China, Confirms Strategic Interest in Mainland Chinese Market : News : Fashion Times – interesting how brands are changing, presumably as consumers evolve

Where China’s Rich Choose To Go | SCMP – (paywall)


Business Insider now bigger than The Wall Street Journal – Business Insider


The Sky is Not Falling: Teens Still Active on Facebook | Social Media Statistics & Metrics | Socialbakers – just like Yahoo!’s unique user numbers keep rising

Academic Torrents – interesting move by open data fans

The Dark Side of Open Data – broadstuff


Why UK retailers miss out on Chinese New Year spending – Brand Republic – great opportunity for UK retailers going begging

Sportswear Brands Underutilize Product Videos | L2’s The Daily

8 Retail Trends In China – WPP


Eurocops want to build remote car-stopper, shared sensor network • The Register – which would be ideal for budding hacker-assassins

World threat assessment according to U.S intelligence community – thoroughly depressing reading


Philippines Babble app enters OTT space – may pick up adoption through the Filipino diaspora, however I doubt it will break out to seriously challenge LINE, WeChat or WhatsApp

Web of no web

Mobile Payments At Starbucks Explode In 2013, Passing The $1 Billion Mark 2 – Business Insider


Google Is Selling Motorola Mobility, But Keeping The Most Interesting And High-Tech Division | Fast Company | Business + Innovation – and the patents

Goodbye Moto! Google Flips Failed Motorola Mobility Unit To China’s Lenovo –

China Mobile a step closer to buying Vodafone stake