Fuerdai futures + other news

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‘Fuerdai’ groomed to become China’s next business leaders|WantChinaTimes.com – damned if they do, damned if they don’t kind of scenario looking at the criticism online. Fuerdai or ‘rich second generation’ are the children of China’s nouveau riche. Their parents were called ‘tuhao’ and were known for their over the top consumption. This trait has been passed on to many of the fuerdai


End of ‘Golden Age’ for Multinationals in China? – of course, growth is lower, but what we could see is different European businesses doing better as the focus moves towards domestic consumption in the Chinese economy


Korean Pop Culture’s Considerable Influence on Chinese Shoppers | Red Luxury – yet another article citing My Love From a Star


Instagram Is The King Of Social Engagement | Forrester Blogs – because its a new advertising format that only five brands have been let loose on?

YouTube Is 20 Times More Engaging Than Facebook | TubeFilter – likes for brands don’t necessarily mean sales


Ain’t no party like a cryptoparty: IAB Future Trends Report – Brilliant Noise – good read here by Anthony Mayfield


Windows Store: China Generating 2nd Highest Number of Downloads on Windows Phone – this could still be happening without a meaningful amount of market share just on scale


Qeexo and its touchscreen software spin out of Carnegie Mellon, land $2.3M | VentureBeat – I hope that they get a rebrand before they become famous, that name is going to be difficult


China wants to kick its Android habit in three to five years | Techinasia – that’s a third of the android installed base gone then

Web of no web

Creating location services that understand you with Desti – HERE Three Sixty – thought that this was a where2.0 type business but it seems to be more about vertical search. Interesting point of cross over

The revolution continues: what’s next for the Web – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – byline by Mark Pesce