Fitbit + more things

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Fitbit becomes HIPAA compliant as it eyes more business customers | ZDNet – there are a whole range of ethical boundaries in Fitbit sharing health data with business customers

Tencent Boards ‘Magic Blade’ Remake | Variety – interesting that Celestial is moving beyond back catalogue licensing to creating new content on the mainland

Welcome to 1995 | CCS Insight – mobile phones that are well phones is now apparently a thing. Why aren’t they using more modern networks though? It could work with a greater focus on voice, for the right device I would be happy to go back to two phones: a wireless PDA (aka smartphone) and a mobile phone

Bloomberg and Twitter Sign Data Licensing Agreement | Bloomberg L.P. – enhanced custom alerts and tools

A tale of three Asias | McKinsey & Company – interesting data on China. More China related content here.

Nestlé likely to lose bid to trade mark shape of Kit Kat bars in light of EU court ruling, says expert – implications for private label lookalikes a la Asda’s Puffin bar?

Dont Get Hacked. Get CUJO. | Indiegogo – it would be interested to see what Bruce Schneier says about it

3UK Launches free VoLTE | Digital Evangelist – voice standards have declined as voice revenue has declined creating a perfect storm. Purely for business users (though I am sure others would want it too) if nothing else having rock solid, good quality voice would be a must have? I always thought it was a powerful sales pitch for One2One’s Precept service of old

News Corp To Acquire Social Video Ad Platform Unruly | Unruly news room – hopefully they don’t mess up like they did with MySpace. Unruly Media are a great company

Kakao Pay passes 5M users in its first 12 months | VentureBeat – so this may nix Samsung’s payment system at home unless the company leverages its credit card company….