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Hells Club + more things

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Hells Club -an amazing film mash-up, spot the different appearances. In the words of the maker

There is a place where all fictional characters meet. . Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELLS CLUB, But this club is not safe

The film editing that went into Hells Club is impressive.

Colin Faver, one of the first pioneers of house and techno in the UK died on September 5. Faver who co-founded Kiss FM and played all the big seminal nights in London and beyond even merited his own obituary in The Telegraph – I am sure that the irony of this wouldn’t have been lost on him. Mr C did a great tribute mix to Faver highlighting some of the tracks that he had championed, with a particular focus on his house music legacy. The mix is 3 hours and 3 minutes in length (3:03) a nod to the Roland TB-303 that is responsible for the ‘acid’ sound. Listen to it and spare Colin a thought.

Ok the next two things that I want to share with you are a bit weird (but not in an NSFW way) so sit down and buckle up. And before you wonder about my internet habits these where shared with my by colleague Jenn Russell who worked on video stuff with me and is based out of Hong Kong.

Southern Comfort have put a couple of ad spots on their YouTube channel. These spots feature a campaign message ‘SHOTTA SoCo’ which I guess is what some aging advertising copywriters thought was how young people would say a shot of Southern Comfort (presumably for their Bourbon whiskey and Coke).

The video looks as if it has been made by Next Media Animation (out of Taiwan) or some similar high throughput CGI shop. I think that I can see the reason for this; NMA videos are quite popular online, it looks a bit like machinima (which young people love because they are on their consoles all the time).

Ok, so far so good? These videos wouldn’t have been that expensive since they are all pre-existing models so maybe $20,000 a pop spend with NMA. There are a couple more including one that warns about the perils of drink driving.

SHOTTASoCo seems to be something that Southern Comfort are doubling down on, but they don’t seem to have spent any money on advertising to promote the videos and get them views. The NMA style videos have garnered between 3,000 – 13,000 views – so somewhere on the bell curve of viewership that I have seen on other consumer accounts I have worked on. Southern Comfort also invested in (presumably more expensive) SHOTTASoCo videos by American producers Funny Or Die – none of which have over 600 views – weird or what? And why aren’t spending on paid to amplify campaigns like this? More marketing related content here

Dark ambient veterans Autechre have put together a four hour mix that is like a history of electronica (taking in Kraftwerk, electro, freestyle, post disco, house and back again) for the Dekmantel podcast series. It is well worth a listen to cleanse the audio palette after Disclosure et al.

Bonus mention, a dinner at Wagamama Hammersmith (in a converted fire station) with some of my former Racepoint colleagues.
Dinner with former Racepoint colleagues
More on this trip out from a digital point-of-view on a later post.