Beacons + more things

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Apple’s Failed Retail Revolution: Beacons Still Won’t Be Big on Black Friday – Bloomberg Business – the problem isn’t the technology but that retailers haven’t been innovative enough in their implementation of Beacons. Like QRcodes I wouldn’t write off Beacons yet. More web of no web posts here.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has an Insane Severance Package – Fortune – the curious thing is that her contract incentivised her to package up and sell off the core business and she has not taken the easy path on this

WeChat Blocks Uber (Again) In Ongoing China Rideshare War | Motherboard – Uber is toast. In China, WeChat is the Internet for many people, it is rare for people to leave the WeChat app.

Analyst claims Apple is prepping a 4 inch iPhone 6c for launch in Q1 – I get it from a product point of view, but it means that Apple has a lot of SKUs in the field which will affect software development etc.

Konami Bans Metal Gear Solid 5 Creator Kojima From Game Awards – IGN – probably not the smartest move given Kojima’s stature, it will make it harder for Konami to get talent in the future. Not sure what’s going on at Konami

Samsung Announces Updated Versions of the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7 – going after Xiaomi and Huawei’s P7 and Honor lines. I can see it working outside China but not in it. Nationalism is becoming more important in consumption

Microsoft is handing off yet more of its advertising sales business to ad tech company AppNexus (MSFT) – focusing on core productivity and development offers. Makes me wonder when Xbox will away from Microsoft

Lewis drops PR from its name, eyes bigger marketing budgets | Marketing Interactive – Interesting move which reinforces my view here

Yahoo used to be bigger than Apple, Google, and Amazon. Now it might sell itself for scrap | Quartz – the headline sums up the tragedy quite neatly