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I, Cringely Final Prediction #10: Apple will buy Dish Network – I, Cringely – bit of a reach. Dish Network has a customer base that is full of the wrong demographic for Apple. Dish Network has a legacy infrastructure that will be a cost, not an asset

Hurt by China economic slowdown, luxury sector can recover if… | South China Morning Post – Chinese customers still have wealth from their equity market holdings and are still travelling (paywall)

Jack on Twitter: “Was really hoping to talk to Twitter employees about this later this week, but want to set the record straight now:” – staff changes

Apple cut iAd ‘to starve Google’s core business’: column – Business Insider – an interesting theory that the iAd downgrade was part of a much bigger, bolder Apple strategy to crush Google

Yale psychologists have built a mathematical model for selfishness – Ever wonder why some people have a tendency to be nice—even in situations where it costs them—while others are constantly out for themselves?

Streaming-music listeners really don’t care about missing out on CD-like sound quality – Streaming-music listeners really don’t care about sound quality. A recent survey by MusicWatch found that few music fans would pay more to listen to music with better audio quality. Which is interesting when one thinks about how CDs were marketed. Instead streaming media is more like the convenience sales pitch previously made for cassette tapes

Amazon’s strategy for Europe expansion includes armchair grocery shopping – Amazon is gearing up to expand its European footprint, taking several services deeper into the continent, including one that’s already seen success in the UK: online grocery shopping and delivery. More Amazon related posts here.

★ Daring Fireball | Anywhere but Medium Dave Winer If Medium were more humble, or if they had competition, I would relax about it. But I remember how much RSS suffered for being dominated by Google.