Money out of China + more things

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So you want to get your money out of China? Cut out and keep edition | FT Alphaville – getting money out of China is notoriously difficult (paywall). More China related posts here.

Big in Japan! Geomagnetic indoor positioning | Electronics EETimes – interesting deals by IndoorAtlas with Yahoo! Japan, SK Planet (Korean commerce service) and Baidu

Ad Blockers and the Next Chapter of the Internet | HBR – retargeting blamed for the rise in ad blocking. Hopefully we’ll see advertising planning and targeting driven by marketing science rather than technological progress in the future. Article via Daniel Appelquist

I, Cringely The FBI v. Apple isn’t at all the way you think it is – I, Cringely – interesting hypothesis

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is now streaming on Pornhub | Dazed Digital – interesting channel to be used. Part of a wider ‘mainstreamisation’ of the platforms which has started with Diesel advertising on them

Cisco Rolls 16nm ASICs | EE Times – interesting that Huawei is only 3.2% of data centre switches, I expect this to change over time; particularly in China and developing world countries

Indonesia to Facebook, Google, and Twitter: Pay local taxes or we’ll block you – Last month Indonesian president Joko Widodo toured Silicon Valley and paid visits to the area’s tech giants. Now, it’s their turn to pay Indonesia something—namely, local taxes. – This could make the UK government’s settlement look foolish

Scary Data – Trends in Malware, Phishing, Site Cleaning and Bad Networks – Wordfence – pretty damning data for Hong Kong Telecom in this analysis

Technics Reveal Why The New SL-1200 Turntable Costs $4000 – Magnetic Magazine – destroying all that plant looks like an expensive mistake

Why BlackBerry Is a Hit in Indonesia – Digits – WSJ – BBM 55m monthly active users, Facebook messenger & WhatsApp 50m MAUs, LINE 30m MAUs

SFX Is Auctioning Off Beatport | HypeBot – not terribly surprising.

Afternoonify – interesting search audit technology