Gundam into Space + more stuff

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Japan Wants to Launch Gundam Into Space for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – I am looking forward to the next Tokyo Olympics. Not for the athletics but everything else that the Japanese organising committee wraps around it. I mean if a Gundam goes into space, what’s next? Godzilla takes part in the olympic torch relay and hands off to Shotaro Kenada on his iconic bike?

Challenging stereotypes has become a key trend in advertising recently. Part of it is down to the movements supporting diversity and LGBTQ communities. GS Caltex have chosen to challenge the stereotypes surrounding stepmothers in Korean society with this advert. These  were run on YouTube and distributed via online fairy tale platform “Iwing” and on Naver, a leading portal in Korea. You don’t need to speak Korean to understand the gist of where campaign was going.

A bit of oil history for you. GS Caltex is a joint venture business between what was then GoldStar (now LG) and Caltex. Caltex was an joint international joint venture between Chevron (Standard Oil of California or SOCal) and Texaco. Both of which were part of the Seven Sisters of western oil companies who dominated exploration, production and refining until the 1970s.

We’re starting to see an increased focus on craft in advertising after a decade of obsession with performance marketing to the detriment of brand. So now is as good time as any to revisit London agency CDP (Collett Dickenson Pearce) work on Hamlet cigars during the 1970s.

I love this cheeky send-off and backhanded tribute that BMW gave Dieter Zetsche when he retired as CEO of Mercedes-Benz. In reality Mercedes-Benz and BMW have different brand attributes and strengths.

IDEO has commissioned an oral history of itself as a corporate video. It covers their move from industrial design to the design of ideas.