Tide Super Bowl ads + more

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Tide Super Bowl Campaign

A little bit old, but this Mark Ritson advertising case study of Tide Super Bowl campaign is must watch material. I like the Tide Super Bowl campaign as creative and media planning came together.

The ad industry insider in me liked the way the Tide Super Bowl campaign spoofed various genres of advertising. More marketing content here.


‘Lowersumerism’ by Box 1824 reflects on the tension between environmentalism and consumerism. Manufacturing, advertising and consumption are a virtuous cycle. Individuality drove the process further forward. What Lowersumerism doesn’t provide is a viable answer or approach to consumerism.

National Film Board of Canada

Amazing collection of modern culture for the commons – Watch 3,000 Films Free Online from the National Film Board of Canada, Including Portraits of Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood & Jack Kerouac | Open Culture 

The quality of the content that has been made available by the National Film Board of Canada is stunning.

Recycling robot

MIT put out this demo of a recycling robot. It doesn’t answer challenges such as laminate packaging, but it’s very interesting in terms of its automation of sorting. In a lot of countries this sorting process is often done by hand with a limited amount of machine input. Recycling supports some of the poorest people in the world’s societies.

Fall or Dodge In Hell

Author Neal Stephenson has been promoting his new book Fall or Dodge In Hell and as always the talk is well worth listening to. Stephenson’s work has the eye for the human condition like Douglas Coupland. But he marries this with a great understanding for mathematics and technology. Fall or Dodge In Hell riffs on characters from his previous book Reamde.

In this reading he talks about myths and storytelling as an operating system for the human mind and optimised sleep.