Glade e-tailing + more stuff

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Glade fills packaging pillows with its scent in creative product sampling campaign with Walmart | Contagious – Glade fills packing pillows in Walmart e-commerce orders to provide scent samples and drives a double digit uptake in online sales (which is huge in CPG). It also provides Walmart with a uniquely pleasant e-commerce experience. More retail related content here.

Canadian charity SickKids put together this amazing ad. The production is beautiful. The ad plays with idea of super powers. It focuses on the self esteem and resilience of the children.

Guinness and Japanese women’s rugby. Not a combination that I would have normally thought of. But this ia lovely advert that pays tribute to Japan’s first women’s rugby team. Again its another ad that focuses on resilience and dignity. Guinness has had a long history with promotion round rugby as sport.
AMV BBDO & Grey London

Luxury brands have done a good job of tapping into modern culture from streetwear to gaming and everything in between. Frieze and Gucci partner on a mini-documentary looking at the history and origins of techno. Part of Kim Jones’ success at Dior has been his ability to draw on culture like this. This is the reason why he draws from 90s street wear and even got Shawn Stüssy to collaborate with Dior.

This history of techno is an attempt by Gucci to do a similar meld with culture. It pulls on Detroit’s manufacturing history, pre-dominantly based around the US automotive industry. Detroit always had a distinct culture. Black people in Detroit were known to spend more money on their outfits in the 1960s and 70s. It was a birthplace for the Motown sound.

A six year old Korean YouTuber buys a house. Korean public reactions are interesting. The Korean influence sector is large. What is particularly interesting is how profitable mainstream content is. The UK influencer scene is much more skewed towards beauty, fashion and hospitality.

Child influencers will hopefully have a happier ending than many child actors.