Things that caught my eye this week

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The Lebanese armed forces were celebrating their 75th birthday and wanted to celebrate the contribution that they make to society. So they worked with a marketing agency to come up with PEACECAMO. PEACECAMO is based on photographs taken of different humanitarian incidents over the years that were then rendered into camouflage. These uniforms will be worn when concealment isn’t necessary. For instance parades or humanitarian work. Its a lovely idea, unfortunately this happened before the Beruit port explosion, which has fractured the government from the Lebanese people. More information here. More design related posts here.

Marketing Week columnist and academic Mark Ritson at the Amplify marketing festival. In this presentation Ritson talks about balancing short term and long term needs in marketing. If that sounds familiar, well that’s because Ritson was inspired by this article by Tom Roach here.

Larry Shiller’s car collection and garage is a site to behold in terms of its scale. Although I wouldn’t be choosing any of these cars for myself I like the way he collects based on a narrow time period of design. You can see the jet age aesthetic coming through in the fins and tail lights.

I like the way he is pretty much self-sufficient from a parts perspective. With enough time, he can handle most of the repairs himself. This wouldn’t be possible now with the rapid evolution in technology. It was simpler times; chip design and software are essential to most modern cars.

Photographer Trey Ratcliff has been putting out these videos that would be beloved of VJs playing a rave in the early 1990s. Pull out your old Goa trance CDs and watch with this playlist for full effect.

If Trey Ratcliff’s videos weren’t trippy enough for you maybe refractive glasses are what you need? Refractive glasses turn each firework into an explosion of hearts