Diwali 2022 adverts

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Diwali 2022 adverts celebrate the Hindu festival of light. I’ve previously covered Chinese New Year ads & thought I could cover Diwali this year as well.

Ferrero Roche

The advert features Hrithik Roshan. Mr Roshan is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi films. He has 41 credits as an actor. It very much fits into the theme of Diwali and comes from a very authentic place.


By comparison Cadbury has celebrated Diwali 2022 by focusing much more on social purpose and doing good.

Khazanah Deepavali

Khazanah Deepavali is the national investment fund of Malaysia and this advert takes the kind of family story approach that one also sees in a lot of lunar new year ads in Malaysia. Given that its a multicultural environment taking this line the Diwali 2022 advert ensures that it will reach beyond the Indian community. The togetherness of multiple generations of family is a common bond, even if the rituals are different. And there is a nice twist in the telling of the tale.


RHB is a Malaysian banking brand who define a hero as someone who does good for others with no expectation for a favour in return in order to celebrate Diwali.


Maxis is a Malaysian cellphone provider, its an emotional gut punch of ad that South East Asian adverts seem to be so good at doing. It doesn’t so much tug on your heart strings, instead it turns you and your heart strings into a double bass which it plays with considerable skill. Probably the best ad I have seen for Diwali 2022.

This ad is in sharp contrast to the high energy ad that Maxis did last year celebrating the ‘Most Influential Influencer’.


Deepavali 2022 – Deepava-LIT catches the energy of their Chinese New Year adverts and keeps things relevant for Diwali.