Post 90s generation & things this week

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China’s post 90s generation

Some nicely presented data insights on China’s post 90s generation, who are the most likely people to drive China’s next stage of economic growth through domestic consumption. The post 90s generation don’t have the same strong affinity for western brands that their older peers have. The post 90s generation have grown up as China has got better and better with sustained economic growth, infrastructure and power.

It isn’t often that you see an interesting accessible presentation on online analytics, which is the reason why I thought I would share this one

An interesting documentary on the relationship between ‘young people’ and brand interactions on social media. In many respects it reminds me of the way that I used brands as a teenager all be it in a real-world setting through consumerism. The power of brands as ‘social’ totem for identity. More related content here.

A great drone-eye view of Hong Kong, though the Apple TV screensaver with an aerial view of Hong Kong is even better.

The soundtrack of my week was a mix by Graham Park that he remastered and published online. He played the set at The Hacienda on February 1, 1992. It is a great snapshot of The Hacienda before a myriad of troubles finally closed the venue down. The set marks a time of eclecticism; with deep house, proto-progressive tracks and breaks all being played in the same mix; which would be largely unheard of in a club for the best part of 20 years.