Mr Switch & things that made last week

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The winning set by Mr Switch from the 2014 DMC mixing championship. What becomes apparent from the Mr Switch performance is how much digital changes turntablism as an art form and skill. Mr Switch uses a Churchill speech before cutting into hip hop standards. In the past there would be people each side to feed the records in. There is no stickered vinyl to mark cut and start points. Instead these seem to be preset on the laptop using Serato Scratch Live.

There was much more of a focus on cutting rather than ‘musical scratches’ a la DJ Supreme.

But a good number of skills remain, look at Mr Switch cutting from one to another record. This would be familiar to someone who had seen Chad Jackson, Cash Money or DJ Cheese win their crown. The behind the back cross fader flick is a flourish popular from when I started DJing.

Tai Ping Advertising Co. Limited’s advert for Audi is as much an advertisement for the city of Hong Kong as much as it is for the car

There is also a ‘making of’ film as well. The execution is right for Hong Kong, but isn’t necessarily on brand for Audi. Also the sound effects are very overdone for the pedestrian driving manoeuvres being undertaken. It makes a refreshing change from the usual Audi marketing, sponsoring society parties in showrooms

Carli Davidson shake puppies video is just too awesome. The slow motion video captures the amount of force going on. Look at the torque steer as the front and rear paws slide in opposite direction with  each shake. Secondly the fluid nature of biology is obviously looking at the shakes themselves. You can see a similar effect when you see boxers hitting each other, but this is much cuter. 

Ice Cube on Sesame Street. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but this is for real. It shows how hip hop has moved from underground culture that those in power tried to crush, to the mainstream. So what is it like? Ice Cube and Elmo is really, really good. 

And finally for more serious content, a great article in Advertisng Age about Kraft getting real about online advertising, I am curious to know what took them so long and how this will impact online advertising around the world. Agencies have known about this for years, Unilever and Procter & Gamble have been trying to get change for a few years. Kraft is very behind the curve with this realisation.