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Welcome To Hypeddit – brilliant selection of free tracks. Hypeddit from a content perspective is rather like an old school DJ pool, but online. I wonder how long Hypeddit can last in the face of the music labels copyright enforcement industrial complex


Communities Dominate Brands: Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me a Match – What if Microsoft sold Nokia back to Nokia – much as I would like to see a Jobsian style brand resurrection the market dynamics have moved on and Nokia has bigger issues to deal with. More wireless related posts here.


It’s almost impossible to make money selling Android phones | Boy Genius Report – which shows the hard place where Microsoft, Nokia and BlackBerry have been. More wireless related posts here.

Daring Fireball: Apple’s Share of Phone Handset Industry Profits Climbs to 92 Percent – John Gruber on Apple’s ‘profit monopoly’ in the smartphone sector


The truth about blogging on Medium | TheNextWeb – why are we having to even have this discussion, Medium is the new Blogger or Typepad


Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Uber, Wall Street In First Economic Speech – it was inevitable the sharing economy was going to get political


Privacy talk at DEF CON canceled under questionable circumstances | CSO Online – the information that’s out there points to a national security letter being served on the developers

The Use of Encrypted, Coded and Secret Communications is an “Ancient Liberty” Protected by the United States Constitution – which puts the law at odds with the U.S. intelligence industrial complex


What’s Weixin? A Short Guide to China’s Super App – What’s on Weibo – 100 million users in 400 days. What’s interesting is the way Weixin has managed to cram so much functionality in one app and not compromising on ease of use. This is in sharp contrast to the rise of app constellations