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Evernote is in deep trouble – Business Insider – kind of glad I don’t have data in Evernote, if I did what would be my emergency migration plan? The lack of migration plan is one of the key issues with post-web 2.0 services – that use web 2.0 technologies. But businesses like Evernote lack the open data approach of forebears like flickr or delicious

Tor browser co-creator: Experian breach shows encryption may not be security panacea – “Experian differentiated between personally identifying information that was not stored encrypted, and credit card info which was stored encrypted — both were hacked,” Goldschlag wrote in a note to VentureBeat. “Experian added that it is likely that the hackers were able to decrypt the encrypted information too,” he said. (Experian’s CEO admitted this.) “So storing information in an encrypted form may not be the panacea that people expect.” – did they use a weak algorithm? Was it an inside job? What was the nature of the cryptography attack?  More security related content here

How to Set a Looping Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture on iOS | Lifehacker – something to get a handle on, as it is expected that this will also roll out on brand profiles

Know Your Language: The Ghost in the Shell Script | Motherboard – yes Vice Media giving you the 101 on Unix…

FT correspondent on how to survive — and thrive — in Hong Kong – FT.com – the title is deceptive, but its a nice summary of Hong Kong

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6: Sales and adoption comparison | BGR – interesting analysis of the data beyond the press release headline

SK-II opens SoHo pop-up to change consumers’ destinies – Luxury Daily – interesting campaign, just a few years ago how many beauty campaigns tagline would have been a hashtag? The hashtag came from documenting items in the C programming language, which in turn came out of Bell Labs and their work on the AT&T Unix operating system #unixrunningtheworldnow

A Flip On Encryption From Former Fed – Defense One – interesting take on cryptography related things

End of the road for journalists? Tencent’s Robot reporter ‘Dreamwriter’ churns out perfect 1,000-word news story – in 60 seconds | South China Morning Post – robot journalism in China as well