Trustworthy x86 laptops + more things

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Trustworthy x86 laptops? There is a way, says system-level security ace | The Register – ARM isn’t solution either. Trustworthy x86 laptops is a relative concept. With physical access to the hardware trustworthy could soon become untrustworthy

Zuk sells in Vietnam | Shanghai Daily – part of the brand strategy might be masking the Chinese involvement given the fractious relationship with Vietnam

Qualcomm bags license deals with China’s Tianyu and Haier – HKEJ Insight – interesting moves
Ex-Yahoo COO Dan Rosensweig: go private – Business Insider – DanR is right

AT&T to ditch most two-year phone contracts on January 8th – Engadget – I don’t see it affecting Apple that much but will it be an opportunity for Huawei to steal a march on Samsung and HTC in US? Is On The Block, Swiss Furniture Maker Vitra Likely Buyer | TechCrunch – its in a tough space

Is The Clock Ticking For The Traditional Watch? | Advertising Age – undecided looking at the opinions

This is why you’re inadvertently watching more Facebook ads – Quartz – autoplay video units, I have to wonder about the real viewability stats

Predictability is going through some unpredictable changes. – Slate – interesting essay on innovation

Samsung says its new Tizen TVs will be harder to hack – wow security features on a smart TV, its a first

LG’s smart home hub looks like an Amazon Echo with a screen | The Verge – interesting that they are blowing all of this stuff out before CES rather than using the show as a launchpad

How a Nation of Tech Copycats Transformed Into a Hub for Innovation | WIRED – or why Silicon Valley needs to be very afraid

How the Internet of Things Limits Consumer Choice – The Atlantic – good for business, bad for consumers

Search Results – Springer – text books over 10 years old can be downloaded legally for free

State-owned enterprises to be split into 2 classifications – commercial and strategic for government interests

Why messaging apps saw the biggest mobile wins in 2015 – Luxury Daily – its all about WeChat in these examples

5 Predictions for China’s Luxury Industry in 2016 | Jing Daily – Only a handful of luxury brands—including Chanel and Tag Heuer—opted to lower their China prices over the past year even as currency fluctuations widened the price difference. As long as it remains profitable to sell and a bargain to buy daigou items, the market will remain strong in the coming year.

How Typecasting Millennials Is Hurting Ad Buyers | DigitalNext – Advertising Age – another play for programmable and deeper data sets

Star Wars in augmented reality lets you fight the First Order in real life | Mashable – could bring back single player gaming as a thing

Despite big hack, Ashley Madison is back – with four million new members | siliconbeat – what’s the definition of insanity, doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result?

Behind Frank Quattrone’s Comeback in New Tech Era – WSJ – but dotcom taint still drags on him (paywall) – more on Frank Quattrone here